Drying and heating chambers Solid.Line
with natural convection

Model BD-S 115 Solid.Line

No risk of corrosion

Exhaust air flap

The new products in the Solid.Line impress with their tried-and-tested BINDER quality and reliability. They are suited to incubation. The attributes of the Solid.Line are geared towards the application in question and therefore used in research and quality assurance.

Article Order Number
EDS056-230V, Standard, Serie ED-S Solid.Line 9090-0014
EDS115-230V, Standard, Serie ED-S Solid.Line 9090-0020
FDS056-230V, Standard, Serie FD-S Solid.Line 9090-0018
FDS115-230V, Standard, Serie FD-S Solid.Line 9090-0024
BDS056-230V, Standard, Serie BD-S Solid.Line 9090-0016
BDS115-230V, Standard, Serie BD-S Solid.Line 9090-0022