HettCube incubators and cooled incubators
with the new touch screen

With the new touch screen, HettCube incubators and cooled incubators guarantee intuitive operation with flexible and individual setting options and many new features.

The proven combination of natural and forced convection ensures stable and homogeneous temperatures in a much larger part of the interior than conventional incubators. This offers you up to 30% more validated useful space with the same interior space. In addition, the high design of the HettCube incubators requires up to 50% less floor space with comparable capacity.

HettCube 200 /200 R
HettCube 400 /400 R
HettCube 600 /600 R

Model Internal
W x D x H mm
Number of
provided trays
Order Number
HettCube 200 150 l 710x825x970 2(1Std.+1HTS) 62000
HettCube 400 310 l 710x825x1425 3(2Std.+1HTS) 64000
HettCube 600 520 l 710x825x1990 4(3Std.+1HTS) 66000
HettCube 200 R 150 l 710x825x970 2(1Std.+1HTS) 62005
HettCube 400 R 310 l 710x825x1425 3(2Std.+1HTS) 64005
HettCube 600 R 520 l 710x825x1990 4(3Std.+1HTS) 66005