BINDER CO2 incubators –

Best conditions for your cell cultures

Model CB-S260-230V

Every CO2 incubator from BINDER guarantees optimum, reproducible growth conditions for cell cultures. The new silicone-jacket
heating system and PermadryTM technology eliminate the risk of condensation. With 180 °C hot air sterilization, bacteria and spores can be reliably killed as necessary.

The unique, seamless inner chamber without obstructive fixtures makes cleaning very simple. Important advantages for uniformly good cell and tissue cultivation offered by Series CB and CB-S CO2 incubators.
Article Order Number
CO2 Incubator CB-260-230V 9040-0147
CO2 Incubator CB-S170-230V 9040-0189
COIncubator CB-S260-230V 9040-0191