CRVpro 4 basic package with oil mist, separator, 4 m³/h

CRVpro 4 basic package with oil mist, separator, 4 m³/h
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Bestel-nr.: 330071 2.355,00 € Voor 1 Set
The robust vacuum pump CRVpro 4 belongs to the new high-performance two-stage rotary vane pumps generation of Welch. The pump impresses with its long service life, absolute reliability and its low maintenance requirements.  The CRVpro 4 is the perfect partner for freeze dryers, Schlenk Lines as  well as industrial applications. This package solution consists of a CRVpro 4 rotary vane pump with all accessories for the connection to e.g. a freeze dryer. Delivery scope: CRVpro 4 pumpe with oil, oil mist separator AKD 16, 2-way valve, hose connector, vacuum hose (1.5m), oil drain kit
(-) Technische informatie:
Benoeming producttype: Komplettpaket Basic CRVpro 4
Ultimate total pressure DIN 28432: 2x10^-3 mbar
Maximaal pompvolume: 63 l/min
Vermogensopname: 370 W
Beschermingsklasse: IP44
Spanningsbron: 115 V AC
Spanningsbron: 230 V AC
Netto gewicht: 25 kg
(-) Export-related data:
Douanenummer: 84141025 Details
Land van oorsprong: China
Bruto gewicht: 30 kg